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A DIY Project: Candy Leis

My daughter just had her end-of-season cheer competition and it’s a tradition to give the girls a candy lei at the end of the competition day. I decided to make my daughter’s lei this year and she chose a pink and black Hello Kitty-themed candy lei with white feather marabou. It was not difficult to do and you only need a few simple supplies. Here’s what you will need to get started:

Supply List:
Cellophane wrapping paper (clear wrapping paper)
Curly ribbon
A few different ribbons to go with your color theme
Feather Marabou Boa (3-6 feet long)
Candy (you can use assorted candy in bags or I found that Party City and Michaels has a large selection of candy in different colors that you can purchase individually to go with your color scheme)

1. Figure out the length you want to make your lei.  Measure around the neck of the person that will be wearing it (I used some of the ribbon I have to do this or you can use a seamstress measuring tape).

2. Now cut out a piece of cellophane in the same length you want your leiI made my six year-old daughter's lei 40 inches long by 12 inches wide.

3. Lay out your candy on the edge of the cellophane.  Place the candy roughly 3-4 inches apart from each other, allowing some extra space for gathering points.

4. Roll the candy in the cellophane.  Starting with the side the candy is on, roll the candy so it’s completely covered by cellophane.

5. Gather between candies and tie with a piece of curly ribbon.  I pre-cut (12) 12-inch pieces of curly ribbon to make the tying task easier.

6. Add the extra fun ribbon to each gathering point.  At this time, I used my scissors to curl the curling ribbon and then I cut 6-inch pieces of the decorative ribbon and tied it on top of the curly ribbon. I put 2-3 extra ribbons at each gathering point. {I wanted the lei to be extra colorful!}

7. Add the feather marabou.  At every gathering point, tie a 5-inch piece of feather marabou.

The next time you have a gymnastics meet or soccer playoff, don’t forget to make your child a candy lei in their favorite color or team colors. Life is sweet… candy lei’s make it sweeter!!

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