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Stage Your Home for Fall: Keli’s Top Five Tips

The trees are turning colors, the smell of cedar logs is burning in fireplaces, and pumpkins are beginning to appear on porches – these are the signs that fall is upon us! The outdoors can often be a prelude to what your home’s interior has to offer. Learning how to capture the essence of the season both inside and outside your home is paramount to successful home staging.

Below, I’ve outlined a few simple Fall-Inspired Home Staging Tips for anyone who could use a little help making their home more appealing this season. 

1.       CURB APPEAL. The yard can say a lot about the inside of your house, so let’s start there. With autumn comes the beautiful changing of leaves, which eventually fall to the ground and can make your yard appear cluttered and unkempt. Keep your yard raked and clear of dead leaves. If your leaves leave stains on your driveway, pull out the power washer and get rid of any visible stains. Leaves can also build up in your gutters causing maintenance issues; don’t overlook them.

Walk around your yard and pull dead or almost dead flowers or shrubs leftover from summertime. Replace the old with new bright fall flowers and foliage like marigolds, mums, pansies, and snapdragons. Place a few pumpkins in the front of your house and hang a harvest wreath on your front door. Steer clear of Halloween décor and stick to more neutral harvest decorations.

2.       MAKE YOUR WINDOWS SPARKLE. Dust, mixed with summertime rains, can leave your windows and tracks in need of thorough cleaning. It’s a good idea to have them cleaned inside and out. Don’t forget to remove your screens and clean them too.

3.       LITE THE FIRE. Buyers love fireplaces and if you have one, light it up! Cozy and warm homes are welcoming and calming; make sure your thermostat is adjusted to a comfortable temperature. Fall is a good time to do maintenance on your heating and cooling system. In addition, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, I recommend having it professionally cleaned prior to showing your house.

4.       IS THAT AN APPLE PIE IN THE OVEN? Everyone loves the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven, but I don’t recommend doing that for your open house. The next best idea is to use mulling spices. I would start the mulling spices early in the morning and give them a few hours on the stove to permeate the house prior to your showing. You can buy already-made mulling spice mixes at your local grocery store or gourmet grocery or you can make them at home with some familiar spices you have in your pantry. This is a quick and easy way to bring the smells of fall and the holidays to your home. Below is a simple recipe for a mulling spice blend:

2 Tablespoon of whole allspice
2 Tablespoon of whole cloves
5 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Tablespoon of dried ginger
Optional: Orange peel with pith removed from one whole orange
Mix all ingredients with 5 cups of apple cider on low heat. {Not recommended for  drinking.}

5.       SHINE A LIGHT ON IT. With the change of seasons, the days are getting shorter. A crucial step in staging your home to sell is to make sure your home is well lit. Buyers want to purchase a bright and cheery home so I suggest turning on additional interior lights to supplement daylight.

With these five simple tricks, you’re sure to capture the buyer’s attention, ultimately providing them the incentive necessary to make your old house their new home.  Happy sales!

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