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A Guest Post: "Staying Thin" by Gretchen Wendel

This is from my good friend and award winning children's book author who somehow juggles staying fit, three kids and her writing. Read on chickadees... 

Introduce yourself:
Gretchen Schomer Wendel; I’m a mother of three young children (ages 10, 7 and 3) and I write a series of children's books. It's harder juggling the logistics of the three kids schedules then it is to write the books. :-)

Recommendations for someone who wants to lose a lot of weight?
To lose a lot of weight it takes time; be patient and try to stay active. I try to walk everyday for about 30 minutes to an hour and usually I schedule the walks with a girlfriend so time flies. I secretly hate to exercise so walking works for me but do some type of exercise to get your metabolism moving. Then eat less. I grew up in an Italian family eating lot's of pasta and bread; I was chubby as a child growing up. In high school I started watching what I ate and lost the 20 pounds I needed to lose. Now I eat what I want (I do not snack) in about 3 or 4 meals consisting of about 400 or so calories per meal. I don't count calories, I just know when to stop eating. Do not over eat or you'll never lose weight. 

Quick, skinny tip?
Don't skip meals and eat when you are hungry. If you want a turkey sandwich with mayo and avocado eat it but don't eat the chips.

Cocktail of choice?
Antioxidant Mojito - it's kind-of an oxymoron which makes me laugh and I love how they taste!

Fav healthy snack?
Parmesan/Gouda cheese and crackers.  

One word describing how you feel after a hard workout?
Sore and alive - that's two words! Remember walking up hills is a good workout. 

Thanks Gretchen for your tips ; ). Check out Gretchen's website if you want to know more about her books and background: "Becka and the Big Bubble"

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