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The Friendship Puppet Theater Presents: "Dress-up Party"

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would always play with our puppets and would often create a puppet show for our parents to watch. And now that I have children, I am finding they love it too!

My daughter came home from school last week and told me she and her BFF would like to do a puppet show for their school talent show. I thought that was a great idea and started to think of how I could make a puppet theater from scratch. After a trip to Home Depot and Michael's Craft Store, I had all I needed to make the theater.

I purchased three 2' X 4' black chalk boards, three packages of two narrow utility hinges (2 in size) and three packages of # 10-24 X 1/2" machine screw round head combo by Crown Bolt. I had Home Depot cut the middle board down to 24"X 29". Home Depot cut the board for free.

{My husband measured and pre-drilled the holes with a 3/16  size drill bit}

Below is a picture of one side of the puppet theater completed. For one side we used three hinges and 12 screw bolts. I was surprised at how sturdy the chalkboard wood was once the hinges where in place.

{Above is a picture of the craft supplies we used for decorating the puppet theater.}

I wanted to make something different for the curtain, and a ribbon curtain is what came to mind. I found a really fun and bright colored floral ribbon at the craft store and thought it would make the perfect curtain. First, I cut 16 pieces of ribbon 19 inches long. I folded and hot glued each ribbon(1/2 inch fold) onto the green drape string.

{Completed Ribbon Curtain}
After I completed the ribbon I then began to decorate the rest of the puppet theater. I used rhinestone mesh ribbon and my glue gun stick to outline the entire theater (this was a perfect way to cover the bolts.)

I hand cut and shaped stems and leaves out of lime green Duck Tape paper sheets for the flowers. The Duck Tape adhered well to the slightly slick chalk board wood. I also hot glued the flowers to the tops of the stems.
{Use your drill to put a hole at the top of each side panel and string your cord for the ribbon curtain through it.}

Once you have your ribbon curtain up, you can add your bows. I used a pretty pink fishnet type of ribbon and wired the center with green floral wire. I then stuck the floral wire through the hole I used for the curtain cord and taped down both on the back side of the side panels.

{The girls colored the flowers and the butterflies.}

{I added a sign on front that reads" The Friendship Puppet Theater Presents, "Dress-up Party"}
Below is a video of their puppet show(2 minutes long). Click play and enjoy!!

The Friendship Theater Presents "Dress-up Party" from Seahorse & Stripes on Vimeo.

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