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Monkey Themed Birthday Party~Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Favors

My adorable nephew is turning one and his first Birthday party is this weekend. My sister decided on a monkey theme for his birthday and I told her I would like to make the party favors. The first thing that came to mine is chocolate covered pretzel rods. I have never made them before but a friend of mine said they are pretty easy, so I thought I would give it a try.

I took a trip to the craft store and picked up some chocolate melting chips and clear pretzel wrapping bags. Melting the chocolate chips is very easy. Use a class bowl and start with 20 seconds at a time in the microwave. After each 20 seconds, remove the bowl and stir the chips until they are melted. It usually will take about 5 times in the microwave until the chips are fully melted, I start with about 2-3 cups of chips for each batch. Take your time with this because you don't want to burn the cholcolate.

I found the long pretzel sticks or rods at the CVS pharmacy. They didn't have them at my local grocery store, but you could also probably find them at Target too.

Once you dip the rods, make sure all the excess chocolate drips off before you sprinkle them with your choice of sprinkles. I used Wilton's Turtle Crunch sprinkles because they taste like carmel.

Lastly, after letting the dipped rods dry(about 30 minutes) I then placed them in long clear bags and tied them with a bow and stuck the felt monkey to the front of each bow.

This favor is so easy, cute, and tastes good... you must give them a try!!