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Wall Stenciling a Feature Wall

We recently moved and I have been busy making our new house our own. I wanted to do something different in our guest room without having to buy all new furnishings, so I decided to continue our square theme of brown and sea green on the walls. I didn't use wallpaper though, instead I had my girlfriend Tracie Fossum with Inspired Finish stencil the feature wall in the room.
 I found the interlocking square pattern that I liked online at Royale Designs. This site is amazing and has many different modern and current patterns to chose from that I am sure will work in your design plan.
This wall was a large wall and took Tracie three days to complete it. It is quite a math problem and takes a little time in the beginning to layout your plan and make sure everything is level. Tracie was checking level twice before every stencil application.

The finish product exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I couldn't possibly be happier with how it turned out, it's just perfect and absolutely worth it!!

P.S. The wall color is Sea Green by Restoration Hardware and the stencil pattern color is 50 % darker.


  1. Looks amazing!
    Where are the pictures of the flowers from your sister's baby shower??

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