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Elmo Birthday Party~ "Black & White Chevron"

A few months ago my youngest little muffin turned two and I was on a mission to give her a chic Elmo themed birthday party. Not that she would care either way, her love affair with Elmo is unconditional. The "Chic" part was definitely for me!!:)
As I got online and started looking around for black & white chevron Elmo birthday supplies, it was clear that all my favorite items I would find on Etsy. 

I found these adorable Elmo cups at Hello Faith on Etsy. The chevron runner I found at The Preppy Owl Boutique on Etsy too. They both were good quality and a fair price. The Elmo fruit platter was one of my favorite food items. So easy to do and really cute. I can't take credit for it though, I found the idea online at Google Images. 

I can however take credit for these little dessert creations. The first item is a rice crispy treat with an Elmo cupcake topper, the kind you peel off the paper and can get in most grocery stores. The second treat is red white chocolate pretzel sticks rolled in Oreo crumble topping I bought in the baking supply department at Michael's craft store. They were easy and cute and yummy to boot!!:)

What's a party without a cake or cupcakes, or both?! Our cupcakes looked extra cute once I stuck these Elmo cupcake toppers in them. I found them at Card Crafters Corner on Etsy. The cupcake wrappers were from the Etsy store Parties & Pastries. 

I was in heaven when I found this party hat!! I purchased it from Dana & Gaels Place on Etsy. It was high quality and super cute! The highchair tray skirt I found at Luna's Foley at the Etsy marketplace:) 
This banner was custom made by the Etsy shop Stick to your Story. Great name and great banner!
These were our favor bags filled with small toys and candy. The bags I found on Let's Party Creations and the Elmo face bag clips I found on One Charming Party. 

I made the paper pinwheels by paper I found from The Paper Source. It was a lot if fun and pretty easy to do, just took a little time. I quickly asked my friend "G" to help me. She was quite the expert folder:) let's just say after lots of twine and hot glue the pinwheel wall stayed together.

ELMO ROCKS!!! Happy Birthday Olivia!